Herbal & Health Food Tour

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(Duration: 3.0 hours)

OPERATIONS: 9:45am – Wednesday (except public holidays)

Minimum 2 guests, maximum 8 guests

For 9 pax and above, please click on the button below.


Our Herbal and Health food tours take in both Chinatown and Little India.

Starting at 9:45am, you will meet your guide at one of Singapore’s most famous Chinese herbal medicine shops. Learn how birds nest, ginseng, and natural honey are used to cure various illness and strengthen the immune system. Stopping in at local medicinal retailers and discovering various health techniques that have been passed down for centuries. Experts will be explaining all of the weird and wonderful produce available.

A visit to Singapore’s most important Buddhist temples allows us to see how religion and food mix as we try some vegetarian dishes. We’ll take a short walk to the local wet market, next visiting Singapore’s leading Ayurvedic doctor and learn how herbs and spices are used in Indian medicine.

It’s amazing how easy and tasty healthy eating can be in Singapore and we hope by taking this tour you can enjoy our food paradise with a little less guilt.

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