Tea Appreciation Workshop

(Duration: 1.0 hours)

Learn about Chinese Tea, it’s relationship to your health


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Tour Content

  • Chinese tea to most people is that common, slightly bitter beverage that is served at Chinese wedding dinners and restaurants.
  • Few have experienced the ambience and the highly therapeutic effects of the traditional art of Chinese tea making in an authentic Chinese teahouse. In fact, avid Chinese tea drinkers are known to pursue the perfect tea leaf as fervently as connoisseurs of fine wines.
    • A Chinese culture, art and the history of tea
    • Recognizing the various kinds of tea leaves and equipment
    • Preparing tea the traditional way

About the Speaker

Mr Vincent Low has given tea appreciation lectures to more than 100,000 participants since 1989. Participants come from international corporations, associations, schools and clubs, including visitors from foreign countries.


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