What Our Client Says

Hi Team- 

Thank you for all your hard work this week. We appreciate the ongoing relationship and how everyone always goes above and beyond for our students every year.

I look forward to seeing each of you (Florence, Linda, Simon, James) again next year, always a pleasure to work with you.
Fight on and Happy Holidays!

Prof Nick Vyas USC (University of South California) 

Dear All, 

Back to the office, I would like to thank you once again for the excellent organisation and services provided for Total Lubmarine Seminar and for professionalism of all the team. It was a real pleasure to work with you! I have forwarded your contact to all our colleagues in case they have projects in Singapore. I hope to get the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Dominique Marié 
Lever de Rideau 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

On the 19th May 2016 we were picked up at the Ferry Terminal to bring us to the Marina Bay Sands. Walking with crutches (Rolf Spatzek) your driver was very helpful. After check-in we realised that we had left one rucksack in the car. We immediately contacted your office. A very friendly and helpful lady said that she would contact the driver. He then will bring the rucksack to the Hotel. 

Within less than one hour of the rucksack was handed over to the Hotel Conciege. We have been very pleased!!

With the attached little gifts we would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this excellent service. The Swiss Army Knife goes with some Chocolates to the driver and the remaining Chocolates for your office to share.  

Rolf & Ursula Spatzek 
Tourasia Passengers

Dear Janet,

I just wanted to send a thank you note to you and everybody else on your team who made our time in Singapore very good.  

Professor Antonio Papuzza  
University of Colorado


Dear Kathryn, 

I would like to thank you on behalf of Aviation Links and TOTO Winner for the amazing operation with the TOTO Winner best sellers incentive to Singapore that took place between 31/3-6/4/2016.

The group was very satisfied and all the program went smoothly and perfectly.

A big thank you to the unique and vibrant Eunice, her energy was felt through the inspection and the group operation while connecting everyone to the Singaporean heritage.

Another thank you to Joseph, while being so quiet, managed the busses and the guides perfectly and accurately. 

My biggest thanks goes with all the respect tot Janet. This operation wasn't easy, the Israeli requests are sometimes not so clear to other nations, with all that, she took it all and made it happen on the best side. 

We have come to a situation where only with a look she knew what I want and need, for me, this is the ultimate partner for cooperation.  

Shaily Bing 
Aviation Links 

Dear Kathryn and Team,

You guys are really amazing! I want to say THANK YOU for this fantastic organisation in Singapore! I was amazed how thoroughful you planned and organised all these challenges and all the logistics. Starting with game cards, team kits, interesting questions and funny task. You taught about so many things like enough water, umbrella, sunblock, mosquito repellent etc. So many people who put so much work into this and so much heart and creativity. We are so happy we could experience that, wow really overwhelmed! My big respect and gratitude! It was really not easy with so many people, in two different hotels and all the on the spot needs/little problems. Thanks also for your flexibility, your patience and all the support (in my little passport-drama for example)... 

Thank you Kathryn, Suzie, Jessie, Janet, Wilson and Alvin! And the great team around Ludo! And everybody else i didn't mention by name. I hope to see you guys some other time! I can speak in the name of everybody: we just loved you and Singapore and hope to be back soon!

If possible, it would be great if you could send me the group picture per email. Our next newsletter will be about Singapore and it is going ot be sent out next Wednesday. 

Katalin Szabo 

Dear SingExpress Team,

Firstly thank you so much for your services delivered on the IAM group. It was a huge success and you handled everything very professionally - the feedback we have from clients was amazing and a very good programme that they could not have done by themselves.  

Thank you for your swift responses and meeting all our requirements. It was great to work with you and everything worked out very well from the start to finish, i cannot fault anything. 

Gisela Voigts 
The Winners Group 

Dear Kathryn & Janet,

Thanks for your excellent support to AIA Premier and Convention 2013. Won't be that successful without you.  

Marcus Giles 
AIA Group 


Thank you for all the attention to detail you provided. Everything went very well. My appreciation you gave me during the site visit also. 

Ann Cartel 
Northern Illinois University


Dear Eunice and team, 

Thank you so much for your email. You beat me to it... as I wanted to thank you. :)

I want to thank you and your team for the excellent service you provided for the Bidvest Conference. We really appreciate all the time and effort you all put into the conference - all the long hours :). As discussed your professionalism was really appreciated and it made the event much easier for us.

The conference went off very well, they all really enjoyed it and yes Mr Joffe was happy. I believe we can consider it a huge success. 

Knowing our client we know there will be last minute changes and these lead to dramas behind the scenes, as it is hard for all concerned to manage, but we all did very well.

Big thank you once again and we look forward to working with you again on other groups. 

Kathy Nel 
Rennies Travel 


Dear Kathryn and Janet,

Back from Singapore we would like to thank you for all the work you have done before during the trip of the Club de I'lmmobilier in order to make this event memorable.

Thank you for your efficiency, rapidity and kindness in treating all subjects. It was a great help for us. Special thanks to Janet Chee who was constantly available during the preparation of the trip and present during the event to deal with all details.

We hope sincerely to have the opportunity to work with you again in the near future and we will certainly advise to do so if asked by our French colleagues.

Catherine Bourlier & Jeremy Schulc 
Amci • Aerovoyages 

Dear SingExpress Team, 

On behalf of Pioneer Europe and all Singapore-Malaysia incentive trip guests, I'd like to thank you and your colleagues for your wonderful cooperation & guidance on this fantastic journey. Every aspect of this trip was a great success and your careful attention for details was much appreciated by all participants. We may conclude that this trip succeeded in it's aim to strengthen the business relations with our customers, which have greatly improved! 

Allow me to express a very special thanks to Janet and our great tour guide Mr Andrew, who has created a cheerful atmosphere amongst the group! In my career I've organised quite some exciting incentive trips but this one I will definitely remember as the number 1!

Thank you to all and we are looking forward to working with you again in future.  

Raf Rettel 
Pioneer Europe

Dear Suzi,

Thank you for your remarkable arrangements during our group stay.  Everything was arranged smoothly and perfect way.  All the members of the group are more than satisfied and happy.  We look forward to use this itinerary also in the future for our groups and expect to return with new customers soon.  Thank you. 

Pekka Periviita 
Pohjanmaa Travel Ltd 
Travel Club Finland